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Youth Development League – Perivale – 27.4.14

Youth Development League – Perivale – 27.4.2014

The debut of Wycombe Phoenix Harriers and Chiltern Harriers joining together to form South Bucks Athletics saw a superb win in the new Youth development League Competition. The coalition team rivalled the likes of Guildford & Godalming; St. Albans AC; Sutton & D/Walton; Vale of Aylesbury; Kingston AC & Polytechnic; Thames Valley Harriers; and Team Hounslow & St Marys, despite fierce competition South Bucks came out on top with their multitalented team.


YDL UAG 270414 005


U20 100m Hurdles
Marissa  Robertson came 3rd with 18.4

Marissa Robertson

Marissa Robertson

U20 400m Hurdles
Bradley Lawrence 2nd in 62.0

U17 400m Hurdles
Nick Colledge came 2nd in 70.3

U17 80m Hurdles
April Miller took 4th position with 15.0

April Miller

April Miller

U20 100m Hurdles
Marissa Robertson brought home Bronze with 18.4

U20 100m
Sophie Matthews (A) 2nd with 12.8Sarah Cross (B) with 14.0

Sophie Matthews

Sophie Matthews

Megan Salsbury came 3rd with 13.6 (race 1)
April Miller came 4th with 15.1 (race 1)
Ben Wooding (A) in 11.6
Josh Penhaligon(B) in 12.7

U17 100m
Rachel Klima (A) ran in 13.3
Rochelle Jack (B) 2nd 13.5
Josh Parry (A) 1st in 11.2
Rhys Aitchison 2nd in 12.0

U20 200m
Sophie Mattews took 3rd place in 26.6
Sarah Cross(B) also took 3rd place in 29.8
Jordan Layne, a PB in 4th place at 23.2

Jordan Layne

Jordan Layne

Ben Wooding (B) Gold in 23.5
U17 200m
Rachel Klima (A) 4th in 27.1
Rochelle Jack (B) 2nd in 29.3
Josh Parry took 1st place in 23.3
Scott Clare (B) Silver in 25.6

U20 400m
Hannah Shepard(A) came 3rd in 63.4
Marissa Robertson (B) came 2nd in 65.5
Jordan Layne(A) Gold in 50.5
James McCarthy(B) Bronze in 52.4

U17 400m
Tim Rogers (A) came in 1st with 52.4
Jamie Lloyd (B) came in 1st with 54.3

U17 300m
Emma Delgado(A) 4th in 45.4
Fran Lutterall (B) 4th in 47.8

U20 800m
Georgina Russell (A) took Bronze in 2.33.5
Emma Delgado (B) took Gold in 2.21.2
James Roberts (A) in 1.59.7
Joseph Aherne (B) Silver in 2.00.3

U17 800m
Natasha Taylor (A) came third in 2.27.3
Georgina Haley (B) came third in 2.41.1
Toby Smith(A) in 2.11.5
Luke Seymour(B) in 2.15.7

U20 1500m
Hannah Thear (U17)(A) took Gold in 5.05.4
Claire Baxter (U17)(A) came in 2nd 6.13.3
Amy Harris (B) took Gold in 5.28.5
Will Perkin, the first of 2 Golds in 4.16.3
Matthew Simpson (B) followed with a victory in 4.22.3

U17 1500m
Megan Styles in 5.45.4

Megan Styles

Megan Styles

Rachel Padwick ran in 5.11.3
Natasha Taylor(B) in 5.14.4
Jack Blithe got the Gold in 4.29.9
David Clarke (B) Gold in 4.42.7

U20 3000m
Sophie Chesterman(U17)  won in 11.28.1
Kieran Gilfedder came in 2nd in 9.18.8

Kieran Gilfedder

Kieran Gilfedder

U17 3000m
Jonty Wager-Leigh came 1st in 9.26.8
Richard Slade(B) also came 1st 10.27.0
Amy Gant (A) 2nd 11.14.6
Katie Bench (B) 1st 11.16.3

U20 2000m Steeplechase
Bradley Lawrence came 1st in 6.48.5

U17 1500m Steeplechase
Dan Weathers grabbed Gold in 5.05.2
Aidan Kingman (B) also Gold in 5.09.6

U17 4x100m Relay
April Miller, Fran Lutterall, Rochelle Jack and Rachel Klima sprinted for Silver with a time of 51.9
Scott Clare, Rhys Aitchison, Kai McKenzie and Jamie Lloyd scooped Bronze in a time of 47.5

U20 4x100m Relay
Megan Salsbury, Marissa Robertson, Sarah Cross and Sophie Matthews followed suit of the U17 women’s team to earn Silver with 51.9
Ben Wooding, Jordan Layne, Josh Penhaligon and Josh Parry scooped the third relay Silver with 45.8

U17 4x300m Relay
Megan Styles, Fran Lutterall, Hannah Thear and Katie Bench won the final Relay Silver in 3.09.8

U17 Hammer Throw
Iain Rees, Silver at 25.59
Josh Penhaligon (B) came 4th at 17.70
Claire Buttivant placed 4th with 20.o3

U20 Hammer Throw
James Roberts, silver with 17.46
Caitlin Neale, 5th with 15.87
Georgina Haley, Bronze with 4.65

U17 Javelin Throw
Ryan King, 3rd place with a throw of 33.18
Megan Styles, 5th place with 15.20

U20 Javelin Throw
Fabian Everiss, 4th place with a throw of 31.79
Sarah Cross, Bronze with 20.73
Caitlin Neale (B), followed the success with Bronze and a throw of 11.97

U17 Shot Putt
Ryan King, 7th with a putt of 7.66
Claire Buttivant 7th with 7.51

U20 Shot Putt

Rhys Aitchison, silver medal with 9.04
James Roberts (B), brought in a Bronze with 6.76
Sarah Cross, came 2nd with 7.72
Sophie Matthews (B), followed suit placing 2nd with 6.59

U20 Discus Throw
Caitlin Neale, earned Bronze with her throw of 19.45
Claire Baxter (B) won Silver at 19.44

U17 Discus Throw
Claire Buttivant (B) spun into 4th place with a throw of 15.29

U20 Long Jump
Jordan Layne, scooped Bronze with a jump of 5.38
Joseph Aherne (B) bagged the second Bronze with a jump of 5.05
Lisa Fitzpatrick jumped into 7th position with 4.35
Rachel Klima (B) achieved Bronze, jumping 4.09

U17 Long Jump
Scott Clare,  3rd with a jump of 5.03
Megan Styles, 4th with 4.31

U17 Triple Jump
Kai McKenzie, jumped 10.27 to place 4th

066 (532x800)
Georgina Hayley jumped into 4th place with  8.53

U20 Triple Jump
Emma Delgado, 5th with 9.49

U17 High Jump
Kai McKenzie, 4th place with a height of 1.65
Francesca Lacey, Bronze with 1.40

U20 High Jump
Marissa Robertson, 6th place with a jump of 1.35

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