Squad Messages via The Band App

Installing Band on Your Mobile

Some squads communicate via a phone app called Band.

1. Visit https://band.us/home and "Get the App" for your phone then create your account with a mobile number.
(or use your App store to find & install "Band" - by NAVER, not "Band for Kids")

* Remember to use a parent/carers DOB and not the athlete's DOB when joining.

2. For safeguarding, please set your name to:
- Your name (child's name XX)
- XX for your coach's initials. e.g. JM, GK, CF or AW

e.g. Jeremy Mitchell (Amanda JM)

3. Once you sign in, ignore the option to create a band group. Instead, using your mobile, click each link your coach sent you to join those groups. (This may be in a text message or email)

How Band Works

Each time someone posts a message, such as a coach listing competition or session details, it should appear with your phone's notifications.

To read current and previous messages, after clicking on the band app. select the home button (top left), then select the relevent group. For foundation squads, that would be "All Foundation Groups" or your specific "WPH Foundation" group. Then you'll be able to scroll through and read all messages.

Not seeing Band App Notifications?

1. Check Band App Settings

Select Settings from the main Band App screen

band settings2

Otherwise select the settings icon at the bottom of your screen.


Select "Push notifications"

band settings3

Set to default OR if you want silent pop-up messages to appear make sure "preview" is set.

band settings4

2. Check Phone Notifications are allowed

Go to your Phone's Settings

band settings5

On Android phones, go to your phone settings and select Notifications

Find the Band App and check notifications are turned on.

band settings6

Changing Your Screen Name

Helps your coach identify the correct athletes and parents!

Set your screen name to "your name (child's name)". E.g. "Jeremy (Amanda)".

* If you prefer not to list your child's name, just leave that out.
Please use brackets around your child's name, it helps to pick the names out quickly!


How To Change Your Screen Name

  • Home button (top left)
  • Settings (top right icon, might be your picture)
  • Set Profile (top)
  • Manage profile > "Default profile" > Edit Profile