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This Squad takes athletes aged from 11-13 years (school years 6 to 8) and its objective is to improve all-round physical development and enhance the athlete’s speed, strength, mobility, co-ordination and endurance. The programme aims to achieve this by using the different athletic events covering running, jumping and throwing as a vehicle to develop these skills. There is also an emphasis on increasing the training volume from one to two sessions per week to ensure that they are fit enough to move into a ‘specialist squad’ at the age of 13+ years.

By the age of 13+ years the athlete should be ready to move into one of the specialist squads where their continued development will be overseen by a new lead coach: Endurance and Middle Distance; Sprinting and Jumping; Throwing; Pole Vault. However, this is done to provide the athlete with the focus they will need to improve at their preferred or best event. It is not done to the exclusion of all other events and athletes with a talent for several events are encourage to keep this up by working with other Squad coaches by arrangement with their lead coach

As athletes mature, they need to train more if they are to reach their potential, so we encourage additional runs to be made on 1 or 2 of the days when there is no training.

Squad coaches


Shaun Chillingworth

Level 2 UKA coach in running fitness

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UKA qualified Assistant Coach
* Qualify over a weekend
* No experience required

For existing members, if you have any squad related queries, please contact: your coach at the track or via email

About the coaches

The squad is led by Shaun, a Level 2 UKA Coach in Running Fitness.

Training schedule

Summer Training

Thursday 7:00 - 8:30 pm at Little Marlow Athletics Track ** core training day **
Saturday 9:30 - 11:30 am at Little Marlow Athletics Track - Optional Endurance Training (starts from 7 March 2020)

Occasionally, training for other events will also be available on Saturday at the track. Invitations for these events will be sent via email a few days before and will have limited spaces. This may cover events such as hurdles, throws (Javelin, Shot Put, Hammer and Discus), jumps (long jump, high jump and pole vault)

Winter Training

Thursday 7:00 - 8:30 pm at Kingsmead Recreation Ground, High Wycombe ** core training day **
Saturday 9:30 -11:30 am at Hughenden Park - Multi-Terrain Fitness & Conditioning (Meet at the entrance to children’s playground on Coates Lane) (From 7 September 2019)

Other training information

Winter training begins in September until around mid March each year.

Training on Saturdays is available most weeks, except for when the club is competing the same weekend.
e.g. The Youth Development League (YDL in the Summer) and Chiltern League / National cross country (in the Winter)

Find out about your Endurance Coaches for Saturday.

Squad news and announcements

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