FUNdamentals (Shaun)

Important squad announcement

FUNdamental squads have now been combined, your squad leader is now Alex Wells, [Click here for information]

The training emphasis for the Squad is an introduction to all track and field events appropriate to the age range (8-11) as well as all round functional fitness training.  Shaun and Sharon believe the key at this age is for the athletes to have fun whilst training, and aim to create an inclusive, relaxed environment in which the athletes can learn and take their first steps in athletics.

Squad coaches


Shaun Chillingworth

Level 2 UKA coach in running fitness

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Sharon Ingle

UKA Leadership in Running Fitness

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About the coaches

The squad is led by Shaun, a Level 2 UKA Coach in Running Fitness.

He is assisted by Sharon who holds a UKA Leadership in Running Fitness qualification.

Training schedule

Summer Training

FUNdamental squads have now been combined.
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Winter Training

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