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Training Updates

The current club covid plan was published on Wednesday 14th  October 2020. Members must read this before training. The updated Athlete Responsibility section can be found at the bottom of this post.

Among other changes to reflect other news, below, this version of the plan includes an update to athlete responsibilities to reflect:

  • Face covering must be used inside any building while not engaged directly in training (e.g. while entering or leaving or using the toilet facilities);
The Little Marlow club house will remain closed to athletes (including the area just within the shutters).

The inside toilets at Little Marlow can now be accessed directly via the front door, but remain for “emergency” use only, so please plan not to use it (you will be responsible for keeping it clean). Face coverings must be used at all times within the building.

Please remember to put the email domain is on your safe senders list (including, but not only,,, and regularly check your junk mail.

Remember your Club is Still Here

even if you or your squad aren’t training face-to-face

All the club volunteers (coaches, club committee, administration, officials) are working hard behind the scenes to support members. Look out for the messages from your coach on your squad’s favourite communication platform for this week’s training sessions.

We are liaising with the Chiltern League and England Athletics to find out how we can enjoy cross country competition, as a club. Please follow your coaches’ advice on how to keep fit so that you are ready to get back to full training and competition and as soon as possible. You can also contact your coach (electronically) for advice on training that you can do on your own; bear in mind that it may take them a while to respond.

Please look out for messages on our website, closed Facebook page, Instagram account and from and your coach for changes and updates.

Squad status

  • FUNdamentals – Athletes are invited to to train with the Foundation Squads at Hughenden on Saturdays (9.30 to 11.30am), this is until the spring when sessions are expected to start up again on Thursdays at the track. Keep a look out for email and on Band for training updates.
  • Foundation – All athletes are invited to train face to face, up to two sessions a week. Athletes can also be sent session plans if not able to train face to face.
  • Running Squads – Most athletes are now training  face to face. Coaches will see how it goes before making decisions on opening up training to more athletes.
  • Throws – Training face to face at Little Marlow on a Tuesday and virtually at other times during the week.
  • Pole Vault Squad – Training face to face at Little Marlow every Tuesday and Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre every Sunday.

Group training sessions are by invitation from your coach, in line with our plan, the latest version of which can be found in the list of Club Policy Documents on the Club Documents Page. If you are invited to train face to face, you should make sure that you have read and understood the latest EA guide for athletes and the Government’s guidance about outdoor sport. You will be expected to follow these, prevailing Government guidance / instruction and any other arrangements that coaches put in place.

Many thanks to our coaches for making all this possible.

Events updates

England Athletics and UKA are starting to plan how there might be a return to cross country, with pilots during October, and to indoor competition.

Athlete Responsibility (section from Covid Plan)

Athletes also have a responsibility to keep themselves, their fellow club members and members of the public, safe.

Breach of the arrangements by a member may lead to action by the committee under the provisions of the club constitution relating to the conduct of members.

By training in groups during the Covid-19 pandemic, the athlete is agreeing (and for athletes who are under 18, their parent/carer is agreeing on their, and the athlete’s behalf) to:

  • Accept that, as with all physical activity risk cannot be completely eliminated and by participating in club training sessions;
  • Comply with the latest Government guidance on Covid-19, as may change from time to time, and abide by local rules and guidance;
  • Comply with the latest England Athletics guidance (which can be found at on the England Athletics website, and may be updated from time to time), including hygiene and remaining socially distanced at 2m, and any further club Covid arrangements, which may be updated from time to time and notified by coaches or other club officers via the squad’s normal communication platform, the website or email;
  • NOT attend training (and to inform the coach as soon as possible) if they are Covid-19 symptomatic or living in a household with someone else who has a possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection, or are isolating for any reason, including at the request of NHS/Government test/track and trace;
  • Inform the relevant coach if they (or any of their household) develop symptoms of Covid-19 or are isolating, within 14 days of having attended a training session;
  • Not attend training if they are vulnerable with respect to Covid 19 or are living in a household with someone who is vulnerable. Athletes in this position who wish to train should discuss possible arrangements with their coach and the club Covid-19 coordinator;
  • Follow the arrangements for training communicated by their coach, including which sessions to attend and which equipment to take;
  • Bring the following hygiene kit to each session (in addition to anything they would normally take to a training session):
    • 60% + alcohol hand sanitizer gel;
    • Anti-bacterial wipes;
    • Face covering and gloves that can be used in emergencies (for e.g. First Aid) and inside any building while not engaged directly in training (e.g. while entering or leaving or using the toilet facilities);
    • Personal medication that might be needed during training (labelled for use); and
    • Plasters (so that no basic first aid needs to be done by anyone else);
  • Arrive at training sessions, “training ready” and taking any essential equipment
  • Not socialise before or after the training session, instead to go straight to the prearranged meeting point at the start of the training session and, at the end of the session, leave the venue separately and immediately;
  • Not share lifts with other households;
  • Have no spectators. Parents/carers who wish to stay will be asked to stay in their cars, however a maximum of 6 adults (with accompanying siblings of athletes) may watch from the car park alongside the track fence, providing social distancing is observed.