YDL Track And Field 2024

YDL AthleticsYouth Development League - Lower Age Group

A Track & Field “National Competition” for under 13 & 15 athletes. It's held under UKA athletic rules, so all results are official. (There's a separate Upper YDL for older athletes). Clubs compete in four matches with about six other clubs within the same region.

Age categories for 2024 by birth date:-

U13 - 1-Sep-11 to 31-Aug-13
U15 - 1-Sep-09 to 31-Aug-11

After the WPH Club Champs (at Little Marlow Track) and Radley Open competitions (around April) your team manager will select a YDL team. Athletes are also selected using previous UKA results and advise from squad coaches. Results are held in “The Power Of 10" database – remember to set this up now!

Sprints and long jump have a lot of competition! Competing and training for events like shot put, high jump, hurdles and hammer* are also a great way to get into the YDL. Once in the competition for any event, athletes are more likely to pick up extra events that become available throughout the day.

If you would like extra coaching for an event or want to try something new, such as pole vault*, ask your coach now. There's usually extra training at weekends (from March or April)

Selected athletes will be offered a place a couple of weeks before the first YDL. You must reply within a couple of days or your place will be offered to another athlete. Remember your coach is training you to compete, it's a condition of member to make yourself available.

*U15 only for YDL competitions, although athletes can train for the pole vault, hammer and discus when under 15


U13 Events

Track:75m, 150m, 800m, 1200m, hurdles*, 4x100m relay

Field: Javelin, shot put, high jump & long jump

* 70m for girls and 75m for boys

U15 Events

Track:100m, 200m, 300m, 800m, 1500m, hurdles*, 4x100 & 4x300m relay

Field: Javelin, shot put, high jump, long jump, discus, hammer & pole vault

* 75m for girls and 80m for boys


Event Dates and Venues (2024)

20th April (Saturday) @ Bedford International Stadium

19th May (Sunday) @ Hemel Hempstead (Jarman Park)

16th June  (Sunday) @ TBA (Bracknell due to host)
  * This is also Fathers Day

21st July (Sunday) @ Thames Valley Athletics Centre

Competing Teams (2024)

Bedford & County
Bracknell AC
Chiltern Harriers
Oxford City
Vale of Aylesbury
Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC
Wycombe Phoenix

WPH compete in the Southern "1C" region with these teams.

Good To Know

  • Most athletes stay all day. We need you for as long as possible to support your team. Some athletes will be given an extra event on the day!
  • Athletes may be allocated between 1 and 4 events
  • Competition entry is funded by the club.
  • WPH plan to offer a team coach to some venues, which is usally FREE to members (depending on club funds). Athletes may need to provide their own transport.
  • Family's are also very welcome, if it's fair weather it's good to bring a picnic mat.  Entrance is free.
  • Bring a watch, spikes if you have them, water, lunch, snacks and if we're lucky a hat & sun-cream.
  • Athletes must wear a WPH competition vest for this club event, which you will need to purchase before the day.
  • Find out more about the YDL on the YDL website
  • If you aren't selected, there are plenty of “open meetings” where you can complete with official times (e.g. Watford, Radley and Herts.)

Time Tables

2024 Timetable

* Remember to select Non-Premier timetable on page 2!


YDL Lower Age Group Results

WPH compete in the Southern "1C" region for 2024



You can ask, but your team manager (with guidance from your coach) will pick the most suitable athletes just before each competition, not just based on performance. This can change on the day. Only two athletes per event can be entered (in U13/U15 boys & girls categories)

Numbers of athletes available for each date can vary wildly, so it's possible you may be allocated one event or up to four. On occasions all “scoring” events may already be allocated, so a non-scoring 100m or 800m event will usually be offered.

Entry to the YDL is funded by WPH. To compete, athletes will need a Wycombe Phoenix vest. This must be purchased before the event. For transport, a team coach may also be provided for some venues for FREE or at a subsidised cost.

Arrive at least an hour before the first event, which means arriving by 10.15am if staying all day. Allow for traffic delays and parking! The last event usually finishes around 4.30pm.

If you are late, please let your team manager know at least an hour before so they can try to find a replacement athlete. Otherwise your team will lose points!

Most athletes will come for the whole day. Apart from being a really fun day out, they'll have a chance of an extra event if they stay all day.

If you can't you must let your team manager know and arrive at least an hour before your event, otherwise someone else will be allocated.

We don't just select athletes by results. You can ask your coach to recommend you for an event or tell your team manager, so they know you are interested.

Compete before the YDL and your team manager will see the results!

The club usually go to a Radley Open Meeting and compete in the Club Champs before the YDLs start.

You'll often see athletes at other open meetings too, such as Watford, Oxford and Herts. (Please check that your athletic results appear on the “Power of 10” database)

Track and Field “open meets” are held by various athletic clubs all over the country. It's a great way to gain experience and get an official PB (personal best). Athletes can compete as individuals and don't need to enter via a club team event.

Sometimes you will need to pre-register a week or so before, although you can sometimes turn up on the day for track events. Remember to tell your coach before you go, incase you can be given specific training.

Athletes are competing to improve their PB (personal best), get experience and have a fun day out, gaining club points where possible.

Athletes in non-scoring events will compete just like everyone else and gain an official England Athletics time, except they don't award club points for those events.

This is because a YDL competition allows a maximum of 2 scoring athletes per event.


Wycombe Phoenix is a competitive club over the the entire year, with a mixture of track & field (run,jump & throw) and cross country events. Membership at WPH provides training to compete.

If you have other sporting commitments,  you must balance competing between those other sports and WPH to meet your membership requirement, agreed when joining WPH. (Most events are held on Saturday or Sundays.)

View your minimum expected commitments and how many events your should attend on our membership page, in the  ‘Competition’ section.