FUNdamentals (ED)

In this group, athletes are taught the fundamental skills and techniques needed for athletic disciplines. We cover the basic techniques for all track and field events, apart from hammer throw and pole vault. This allows us to keep our sessions varied and engaging, whilst providing them with a strong grounding for further development in their chosen event.

Squad coaches

Ed Morris

Ed Morris

UKA qualified Athletics Coach

Sarah Hayward

Sarah Hayward

UKA qualified Leader In Running Fitness

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** Are you interested in helping with Athletics **

* No experience required
* Come along to any session

For existing members, if you have any squad related queries, please contact: Ed or Sarah via WhatsApp

About the coaches

Ed is a UKA qualified Athletics Coach and former Decathlete, who won medals at Regional and National level in the U20 age group - as well as setting a UK age record for Indoor Pentathlon. His focus on multi-events means he can show budding athletes the wide variety of disciplines you can enjoy in Track and Field.

Sarah is UKA qualified Coaching Assistant and also an active competitor for the club. Sarah regularly competes in the Chiltern Cross Country League.

Training schedule

Summer Training

Thursday 6:00 - 7:00 pm at Little Marlow Athletics Track ** core training day **

Winter Training

Winter training starts around September/October and finishes in March.

Thursday 6:00 - 7:00 pm at Wycombe High School ** core training day ** (usually from October)
Saturday 9:30 -11:30 am at Hughenden Park - Fitness & Conditioning, for children over 9 (Meet at the entrance to children’s playground on Coates Lane)

Please ask your coach before starting any optional sessions.

Other training information

Training at Wycombe Phoenix is all year round, often through school holidays too, with typically a month off. There's usually no training the weekends we compete as a club.

Your Commitment to the Club

Please remember we are a competitive club over the the entire year, with a mixture of track, field (jump/throw) and cross country events. Membership at WPH provides training to compete, which is a membership requirement.

During the Autumn & Winter we compete in cross country. You are welcome to treat races as training sessions instead; and have fun with your friends! There are many benefits to be gained from cross country and athletes who have had a good winter typically have a good summer track season.

Athletes will only be asked to compete if they are capable.

Fitness & Conditioning Training at Hughenden

Training at Hughenden is a huge benefit to all athletes, whether interested in sprints, jumps, track racing or cross country races. The sessions are fun and improve athletes endurance all-round. Sessions often involve lots of shorter runs, sprints, relays and games. It's a great location too.

* Who's invited: All athletes who are 9 years old** are invited. Sessions are adapted to suit each athlete.
* Who's Coaching: Jeremy, Marcus and Graeme. You'll also see Wycombe Phoenix's Endurance and Sprint squads training
* Drop and collect at Hughenden Park Playground on Coates Lane
* Please do not let children walk on their own, leave with their coach
* Bring: water, inhaler, hand sanitiser and a plastic bag to stand on while changing your shoes
* Shoes: Arrive in trainers and bring spikes or trail shoes, if you have them, (9mm spikes recommended, it's 6mm max at the track).
* Clothing: leggings or tracksuit bottoms and layers (e.g. T-shirt + warm top + rain coat). If very cold add a hat and gloves for the warm-up.
* We train all weather, sun, rain or snow.

Chiltern League Cross Country Competition - Winter

Wycombe Phoenix competes in this set of 5 matches at various locations.

Everyone can take part, there is no selection process and Wycombe Phoenix will pay for your entry. Athletes run in their age category from U11** to senior. All results appear on the National Athletics Database (po10) and the top 3/4 will score us points to move up in the league (depending on the division and age category). You will see lots of WPH Coaches and parents at races. (We also put up a gazebo and WPH Flag to find us easily).

In the past these races have been on Saturdays at the following locations: Shotover Hill (Oxford), Teardrops Lake (Milton Keynes), Stopsley Park (Luton), Keysoe Equestrian Centre, Campbell Park (Milton Keynes).

Cross Country is a team event, please try your best to make our Saturday training sessions and you'll also have super fitness for all your athletics.

** Athletes that are 9 years old on 31-Aug (the same year as the first Chiltern League race)


To enjoy athletics you will need a pair of trainers and later, a pair of running spikes. To compete for the club you will need a Club Competition Vest (and ensure to have your England Athletics registration number).

Running Spikes

Please bring running spikes to every session and arrive in trainers (it's not essential during trial sessions). When wet or slippery it's not safe to train for some activities like high jump, long jump and javelin without spikes. (Please ask if you would prefer to find some pre-loved spikes from another member)

Spikes for athletics can be bought for all sorts of events, from cross country to sprint, long jump, javelin and long jump. It's suggested to buy multi-use spikes (often sold as cross country shoes) for foundation athletes.

Spike shoes are usually a whole size bigger than running trainers. They are meant to be a snug fit, but allowing a "thumbs width" in front of the toes is usually good advice, running also make your feet expand!

They usually come with a bag of metal 5mm spikes that screw into the bottom with a spike key. The maximum length of spikes allowed on a track is 6mm, otherwise it will damage the surface. For Cross Country races and training at Hughenden on Saturdays you will need a pack of 9mm spikes.

If running spikes don't suit you for cross country, trail shoes are a great alternative. They're more like trainers with deep tread on the bottom.

Where to Buy Spikes Locally

Runners Retreat in Marlow specialise in running shoes and fitting, they offer a 10% discount to WPH members.
Sports Crest in Eden High Wycombe have a few typical brands like Adidas.
Decathlon (also in Eden) usually have a range of more budget spikes.


Remember to avoid socks made of cotton, which absorb water and causes blisters. Go for synthetic running socks, like Nylon,polyester and merino.

Staying Warm

We will train all weather: rain or snow we will go!
As the temperature drops below 10deg there is no reason to be cold or miss sessions. Layers work well, you might like to consider a base layer "compression top" for athletics/football (found in typical sports shops locally)