Winning Team – SAL at Little Marlow

I’m sure that the Senior team would like to join me in thanking everyone who made their win at the SAL today possible.

Without each and every one of the volunteers, today would not have happened. They moved the PV bed; kept the officials, athletes and spectators refreshed; put up gazebos for the meeting management; set out the car park; shifted hurdles; entered the results; carried tables and chairs; officiated in the the field; kept us all safe with first aid; carried implements; moved sand between pits; learnt new skills as starter’s assistants, on photofinish and as track judges; and pitched in where ever they were needed from way before the first athletes arrived until way after the last athlete left.

This is what team work and being part of a club is about. Everyone doing their bit either on the track/field or off.

And let’s not forget all those from other clubs who came to Chief and fill other technical roles: Roy Campbell, starter; Chris Haxell, track Referee; Doug Smith, chief timekeeper; Sarah How on photofinish. Also our home grown Field Referee Richard Neale.

Feedback from one of the clubs attending confirms what a good job everyone did: “Thanks very much for all the hard work you and the rest of your club put in to yesterday’s Match it was very enjoyable. Thanks also for getting the results out so quickly.”

Many, many thanks.