Wycombe Phoenix Invitational and Club Champs 2022 – Sunday 10th April

What a successful day. Many, many thanks to all our wonderful volunteers (qualified and unqualified, from the club and from our wider athletics community) for making it happen.

There are some great photos on our club Facebook page: WPH Facebook

Here are some of the comments:

From a very senior official:

Thanks very much for the invite and warm welcome today. I had a great time blowing off a few cobwebs at a cosy informal meeting. I hope it went well from your perspective.

From a club:

Thank you for the very enjoyable and successful T&F Competition you hosted on Sunday at Little Marlow. Everything went so well for us. … Our four athletes and their families attending their first U13 events had a great day out, loved the medals, and all of us extend our thanks to your officials and volunteers for hosting the competition.

From a parent:

Thank you to everyone who put the work into today’s competitions. This was our first experience of the quad kids events and it was thoroughly enjoyable – the little bits of coaching, the rounding up of youngsters and the fun of competing properly on a proper track were all much appreciated


The results are now available on the Roster app and on thePowerof10.