Competition Report

Senior Women Grab Bronze at the 2018 Southern Road Relays

Sometimes, all your stars align. Our ladies team has been developing over the last year. However, getting everyone available and running well on the day of a championship is never easy. Today, we did!

Zoe Doyle got us off to a cracking start with an 8th place finish. The first leg of a relay is always loaded. We felt we had to get off to a good start and fresh from her medal winning performances in the World Masters, Zoe did just that.

Next up, Pippa Woolven. We knew Pippa would move through the field but never expected what happened next. The quickest time of the day saw us in the lead!

Alex Cook had been prepped that she would be taking over at the sharp end but she wasn’t expecting to be right at the front! 4.8km later and we were still in 1st. Alex had a brilliant controlled run to keep us in an unprecedented position.

Jenny Roberts joined us last year and has improved massively. However, leading the regional relay champs was probably not what she anticipated when she signed up! Things can change quickly in a relay. Guernsey had moved through the field. Jenny, however, stuck to her task and held on for a brilliant and unprecedented 3rd.

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