Competition Report

1km “Virtual” Competition (Jan-Feb 2021)

A huge well done to all the athletes that managed to take part and train for our 1km competition . We had over 100 entries submitted for the 50+ athletes that took part. The final results are listed in two parts, for WPH and overall (including Cookham Running Club). Our athletes have made a great effort and still achieved some huge results!
The top 3 WPH athletes in each category for WPH and overall will be presented with certificates.

The Competition

Set or beat your PB (Personal Best) time for a 1km run. Find a reasonably flat field, run around the perimeter or an oval area so that the Strava App or GPS watch can record your time properly.

Share your performance with a picture of your GPS running watch/phone. If you run further than 1km the average pace will be used to calculate your time.

This competition finished at 7pm on 28-Feb-2021.

1km TT Challenge (WPH Results)


1km TT Challenge (Overall Results)

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